Helloo my dear friends, Welcome to FAYSAL YOUSUF SHOVON'S personal Blog

A Special Day of me : Blogger Faysal Yousuf Shovon

                Everyone should have a personal blog for his daily update or routine. Personally i Faysal Yousuf Shovon like to blogging online and it is one of my best pastime too. After a long long days i am writing my own thoughts and share it to you dear friends. Last few months i ran behind money and still i am not success. I always tried to find out the best reasons of my failures and always only one sentence i Hear : "Happiness is one for all" Life is not about winning !!! Its about the journey.


            Blogging is a popular hobby and someone takes it profession to his or her career. Many men many minds depends man to man. According to me, Blogger Faysal Yousuf Shovon- Blogging is a business this world... Pure Business. I have above 20 blog sites that i maintain as my interest, profit and hobby. Most of those blogs for my business but it is a personal blog at all.


  Now i am professional this online sector. I have a great addiction to learn programing about Web design and Development. Php, My Sql, Java, J query and Ajax. But i don't know how far i can success this career. Now i am a Professional Search Engine Optimizer. I love Google the king and salute Google the boss for get changes its recent Algorithm.


                 I a a frustrated guy since my father died in 2001.  I have grow up singly in hostel life and never get any co-operation from any others. I know this world and living this Fucking Country. Sorry to use slang my dear. I have nothing to use except it cause we the Bengali are lot of years behind from western culture. Thanks to all Faysal Yousuf Shovon's dear friends and beloved visitors.


Blogger Faysal Yousuf Shovon

   Alhamdulillah. I am Blogger Faysal Yousuf Shovon from Tejkunipara, Tejgaon, Dhaka-Bangladesh. All praises to Almighty Lord Allah. He created us this earth for his adoration and worship. But we are often forget that we are human being. We won't alive this world long years. Neither was nor will live after 50 years. Secondly all peace bestow to the Prophet Muhammad Sallalualaihi Wasallam.

            During the period of last 2012 I have started blogging for my site http://www.blogspot.com I have maintaining three blog sites and a main site by paying this domain. I am a SEO worker in my country and know little a bit WordPress customize the theme. But now i am working for my hosting site and known as Blogger Faysal Yousuf Shovon.